Tennessee is Driving Innovation, and we are bringing it to you.


Driving Innovation is ready to inform, equip, and prepare our rural communities for emerging jobs.

Business innovation is growing rapidly across our state. We're seeing new jobs emerge in the fields of computer programming, robotics, and virtual reality. We're also seeing jobs emerge that are rooted in STEAM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

While we're seeing these fields and opportunities emerge across our state, we are not seeing the same amount of opportunities in our more rural communities. Many of our rural and underserved communities have potential that has not yet been tapped.


Mobile STEAM Education

theLab’s mission is to spark curiosity and inspire students to realize the specific roles that they can play in Tennessee’s future. 

Mobile Business Innovation

theVenture’s mission is to inspire and equip entrepreneurs and business owners across rural Tennessee. 


Mobile Community Support

theAmp’s mission is to amplify assets in rural communities across the state through placemaking.


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and equip our rural and underserved communities with the tools that will prepare them for the jobs emerging in STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. We know in a few years there will be a larger need to fill the tech and science focused jobs of the future. We want our workforce in Tennessee to be prepared for that demand.

Driving Innovation is our program that will spark curiosity and inspire Tennesseans to realize the specific roles that they can play in the future economy. Opportunity is growing in our state, and it's coming to you. 

Be the one who brings the excitement of innovation and resources to your community.


Experience theLab


Curious about what the inside of theLab looks like? We thought so. We made some photos to show it off. You can also use these photos in any event promotions.