STEAM: Science, technology, Engineering, arts, and math

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Purpose of theLab

theLab’s mission is to spark curiosity and inspire students to realize the specific roles that they can play in Tennessee’s future. theLab focuses on youth education in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). We're seeing new jobs emerge that are rooted in those subjects, like computer programming, robotics, and virtual reality. We know in a few years there will be a larger need to fill the STEAM focused jobs of the future.


Key Features






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About theLab


As a mobile innovation lab, we come to you. We set up at your school or organization, and our trained staff bring the students through theLab. We’ve operated as an in-school field trip for entire schools, gone to summer camps, participated in festivals, visited libraries and more. All you need to provide is the students and place for us to park!

In many cases, we can see an entire school in one day. At our fastest, theLab can accommodate ten students every ten minutes. Work with our staff to determine the best schedule for your students.




What does a visit from theLab look like? . . .

What to expect from us-- we'll have staff at the event to tour attendees through theLab. Tours begin with quick video highlighting STEAM industries and careers in Tennessee. Next, our staff will showcase 3D printers, robotics, a laser cutter and our CNC machine. The tour concludes with an interactive look at virtual reality. We can speed up or slow down the experience as needed, depending on the amount of students/participants we are seeing that day.

How do I prepare for a visit from theLab? . . .

What we need from you-- after confirming your event, we ask event hosts to prepare for a visit by designating a parking area for theLab, distributing waiver forms to students, and creating a visit schedule. For parking, we need a flat, level space that is at least 45’ x 9’. The waivers will be emailed by someone on our team once your visit is confirmed. Waivers should be taken home by the students, signed by a parent or guardian, and returned to administration prior to our visit. If your event is a festival or community event, no waivers are required. If your visit is to a school, you will need to create a visit schedule so teachers will know when to send students to the mobile lab. At our fastest, we can see 10 students every 10 minutes. Since our team will have to travel back to Jackson after the event, we prefer if schools can send students as quickly as possible. We'll arrive an hour prior to the event to set up.

How do I promote a visit from theLab? . . .

Tell your students and faculty about the visit to get them pumped up. We've included this poster to promote your event. We're excited, we hope you are too!


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